Michael & Yin was going to Madrid for the first time and contacted me to do a couple session on their trip. I suggested they visit Segovia because of its beauty and the many places to visit. Not only did it serve as a perfect location for our couple's photography session, but it ended up becoming a tourist experience for them. Even though it rained almost all the time they took it all as an experience. I cannot thank them enough for their positive mindset!


The photoshoot experience with Aske wa great! My fiancee and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. When we first had a video call to get acquainted, we could tell his sincerity, and the communication process was flawless. What really stands out is his ability to adapt and provide guidance throughout the photoshoot process. He receed the location in advance for us, recommended us places to go (and told us the history behind them - perks of his past experience as a tour guide) and shifted our mindset to embrace the weather challenges into opportunites to enjoy the process. The photos turned out great despite the weather not being on our side, but most importantly, it is his friendliness, hospitality and genuinity that really makes him a standout! Thank you Aske for the service and friendship!

Michael & Yin Yan

Segovia, spain

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