With 13 years of experience and fluency in Spanish, Danish & English, I specialize in capturing your most precious moments. Trust me to create timeless memories that will last a lifetime.

The experience

My Style Of Photograhy

Celebrating love, storytelling, creativity, and capturing beauty are the pillars of my style. I craft timeless photographs that evoke heartfelt emotions, cherishing both grand gestures and intimate moments. From the love between you and your partner to the connections with family and loved ones, every precious bond is celebrated. Through artful storytelling,

I capture the essence of your day. With keen observation and anticipation, I create images that narrate your unique love story, avoiding clichés and mundane shots. Seeking innovative perspectives and angles, I transform the ordinary into extraordinary. With a focus on reflections, symmetry, and unconventional viewpoints, I capture the hidden beauty that escapes the average eye. Preserving the beauty of your special day is my top priority. I use refined posing techniques, select attractive backdrops, and invest time to perfect each shot, ensuring stunning and natural results.

photography base package

The wedding photography Package covers all the most critical moments of your day, usually from getting ready to the first dance.

Extra hours can always be added


8 hours of coverage

Drone coverage

min 600 photos

online gallery

Starting At:

1695 €

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Photo & Video base package

Our most popular wedding package offers the best of both worlds. Nothing left out to desire, we will tell your wedding story with stunning photos and cinematic video.Limited availability, please consult your date well in advance.


8 hour coverage

Drone coverage

at least 600 photos

5 minutes highlight video

Starting At:

3000 €

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Pictures Belong In Prints

Handmade wedding albums

There’s no greater joy than gathering your loved ones and immersing yourselves in the beautiful narrative of your wedding day through a captivating wedding album. It’s the perfect way to relive those cherished moments together, creating lasting memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Once your wedding is complete, I will design your wedding album. Using my software, you will have the opportunity to review, provide feedback, and even make adjustments to your album, ensuring it perfectly captures your vision. Together, we’ll create a masterpiece that will be cherished for generations to come.

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