How to create emotional vows

Are you struggling to find inspiration on how to write your wedding vows? You are not alone. Most of my clients have expressed some kind of stress involved with writing and especially reading out the wedding vows.

It can be a daunting task, but if done right it will become easy and one of the best moments of your wedding day!


I recommend you do a mind map. I use this technique every time I have to write a new article for my website, come up with new ideas for a project and do everything that demands creativity.
It is an amazing tool for splitting up your thoughts and getting them on paper, so you have a more organised view of what you want to write.

In case you are not familiar with the technique, you take a pen and paper and write down the main topic in the middle: “My wedding vows”.

Then you start to write keywords or small sentences around the main topic. The amazing thing that happens is that when you start to put down ideas, your brain will automatically be reminded of other things to put down.

Let’s say that you for example want to include a funny memory in your wows, so you put down:

“Funny memories”

Now you have the main topic which is “your wedding vows” and you have sub-subjects which are “funny memories”.

You might start to think about those funny memories, so you put down keywords like:

“that time he fell in the lake”, “When he picked me up for the first time”
 or whatever your stories are.

Here are some sub-subjects to start you off:

– How we met at university.
– You made me feel safe again.
– The funny memory of you not wanting a dog, but now the dog is your best friend.
– How proud you are that your partner is always fighting for his/hers goals.
– How you wanna start a family
– How you promise to always support and love them whatever happens.

Now it is as simple as filling out the blanks. You have organised your thoughts and ideas and can now write them subject by subject instead of having to figure out the whole thing at once. Believe me that helps your brain and creativity a ton.

My last tip is to don’t be afraid to be yourself and express what you feel – The more you dare to let go and show your partner that you want this marriage the better it will be.

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