Your wedding day will be over before you know it!
And one thing that will help you immensely in getting all that you want is to plan out as much as possible. 

To help you create your timeline with all that you want I have taken all the most popular parts of a wedding day and written how much time is needed for each. 

The idea behind this post is to give you inspiration on what to do at your wedding, but also to make sure that you are saving enough time for it all.


Ideal Time Allotment – 90 minutes
Ideal Time of the Day – We will start capturing the bride's preparation 30 minutes before she’s done with her hair & Makeup

The preparation is a great time to get candid moments between the bride and her bridesmaids and whoever might be a part of it. It is also during the preparation that we capture shots of all the bride's details; shoe dress, jewellery etc.

When the hair and makeup are done we have several options for adding great images and videos to your gallery. 
We can do a single portrait of the bride, Capture funny and cute pictures of the bride with the bridesmaids or maybe we are going to capture when the dad sees the bride for the first time.


No matter what we plan to do, you must communicate to all people involved when and where they need to be.
And also that they need to be done with hair and makeup.

If we are going to do cute pictures of all the bridesmaids, it can be done either in the dresses or another popular option is in a wedding gown. 
The important step here is that everyone is ready when we need to do the pictures to not waste time.


Ideal Time Allotment – 60 minutes
Ideal Time of the Day – More flexible than the bride, but typically before or after the bride's preparation

It is in general easier and faster for grooms to get ready, therefore we can be more flexible on the timing.
The groom can also get out of the suit if he wants to relax in his normal clothes.

During the preparation, we like to capture a bit of the detail, like the shoes, watch, tie, jacket etc. We also capture the groom getting in the jacket, making the tie and so on. 

But the most fun is the single portraits we can do of the groom as well as group pictures with his groomsmen.


Just like with the bride's preparation, if we need anybody to be there for portraits, they must know when, where and in what outfit.


Ideal Time Allotment – 30 minutes
Ideal Time of the Day – This could be before or after the ceremony, depending on your preferences for people seeing the bride before the wedding.

These are your best friends and they are all dressed for you! So let’s have some fun and capture you all together. 
Here we can do both traditional and pretty portraits but also do funny and exciting photos and video clips.

Whether you choose to do this before or after the ceremony depends completely on how much time you have between the ceremony and dinner, and if you want anyone to see the bride before the ceremony.


Ideal Time Allotment – 45-60 minutes
Ideal Time of the Day – After the preparation but before the ceremony.

This is untraditional and if you have set in your heart that you want to see each other for the first time at the isle, then this is not for you. 
But let me tell you why first looks easily is one of my top 3 moments of a wedding day.

It is always really emotional, and it gives great and meaningful photos & clips that work well for your wedding album and video.

The bride and groom get to have an intimate moment just for them, and then they get to relive it all when the ceremony starts. 
It is also the perfect way to get more time with your guests if you are having a short cocktail hour after your ceremony.

Especially if you are having a summer wedding in Spain, we normally have the ceremony between 16:00-17:00 so it not to be too warm. Then it is typical to start the dinner around 18:00 - 

That does not leave a lot of time for a cocktail hour.
And the cocktail hour is normally here you have time to mingle with your guests take group pictures and also run off to do the couple of pictures of the bride and groom. 

But if you do the first look before the ceremony, we now have time doing the day to do the portraits, so that you can relax and celebrate with your friends and family right after the ceremony.


Ideal Time Allotment – 30 minutes
Ideal Time of the Day – If outdoors it is important to not do it when the sun is highest. If in a church it is less important.

Both photographer and videographer must have time to come to the ceremonial place at least 30 minutes before it starts. 
Here we have time to capture details of the ceremony before people get seated! - And the videographer has time to set up audio equipment with the DJ.


It can be a really good idea to have the wedding planner or one of the guest make sure that no one goes and sit at the ceremony area before the photographer and videographer have done the details - If the ceremony is in a church this is not important and people can go as they, please.


Ideal Time Allotment – 40-60 minutes
Ideal Time of the Day – If you are not doing the first look this can be done right after the ceremony.

This is the time to have fun and get intimate with the person you just said YES to. Here we are going to make amazing images and clips for your video of you two being in love.


Have something planned for your guests at this time - Something for them to drink and eat. If you do that it is easier to relax and stay in the moment without thinking that you have to get back and be a good host. 

Time equals better quality and more images. This part of the day is often chopped down due to a lack of time on the timeline. No matter if we get 5 minutes or 60 minutes we are going to deliver stunning quality! 
But the more time we have the more creative can we be in the types of photos that we do, and in the end, there will be delivered more portraits the longer time we have.


Ideal Time Allotment – 20-30 minutes
Ideal Time of the Day – 30 minutes before guests enter the dining area

The photographer and videographer need time to capture the beautiful decoration of the tables.


Either the wedding planner or the head waiter at the venue needs to make sure that the decoration, candles etc. all is ready when the photographer and Videographer arrive to not waste time.


Ideal Time Allotment – 15 minutes
Ideal Time of the Day – at sunset or between two courses at the dinner.

This can be a great way to get some differently styled images over the day, but also a way to get some more portraits if there was not a lot of time during the couple portrait session.

We will plan out where to shoot before bringing the bride & the groom so that we take as little as possible time away from you enjoying your party and guests.

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